mikael buck (b. 1982, leytonstone, london)

Hello. I am a photographer based in Epping Forest, Essex. 

Over the past decade I have created an archive of writing, illustration, generative ai and photography that I draw upon in my work. My narratives are based on my family’s history and a childhood spent moving frequently between Essex and Marbella, Spain. My work seeks to recreate the gallows humour that was the backdrop to our chaotic, often fun, but intense family life.

My practice as an artist is rooted in the interplay of text and image. I identify as a photographer in both ethos and focus, but I’m often inspired by the ways in which photography can be animated by and combined with other mediums.

Alongside my personal practice I’ve had an 18 year long career as an editorial and commercial photographer. During which time, my images have been frequently published by every national newspaper in Britain. Whilst in possession of a camera, I’ve been charged by a pygmy hippo and also savagely attacked by a pink cat. But I’ll leave those stories for another time.

In 2021 I took part in The Sicily Photo Masterclass with Aaron Schuman, Katy Hundertmark and Mimi Mollica (where I was the recipient of the Garlic Parr award for best portfolio). Most recently I attended Workshop De Allende in January 2024 with Alec Soth and Paul Schiek (TBW Books).

Here are four photographs I’ve taken. I have no idea how they are connected beyond that. But if you have a theory I would genuinely like to hear from you.